Mac is our child and we try to take him wherever we go. My heart sings when we take him on adventures and he smiles and gets so excited. He is our life and we do everything to make sure he is happy, looked after and living his best life! I mean he has his own staircase onto our bed so he can come and go as he pleases – spoilt much?! He stays in pet friendly accommodation when we head to Cape Town – having found really cool B&Bs in Bloem and Colesburg where he has his own little garden to sniff and go to the loo and sleep on the bed if he wishes.   

He comes with us on all our trips to Cape Town, Middelburg and Tzaneen when we go to see family – he gets the whole back seat – we had foam mattresses specially made so that he is elevated and can look out the windows – he is a short dog – Scotties are known for their little legs! And needs to see out the window so he doesn’t get car sick. Plus, he loves being able to stick his head out the window and have the wind in his hair.   

Tips for going on adventures with your doggies:

  1. Always have cold water on hand. if you can’t stop to buy along your trip, buy beforehand and keep in your cooler box.
  2. Remember a bowl for them to drink out of.
  3. Poo bags - never leave home without them.
  4. Pick the right time of day to take them out with you – early mornings or late afternoons – remember, we can dress down and wear shorts and a cap for the sun, the doggies can’t. Mac has black hair and lots of it so we are very careful as to when we take him outdoors. Look for shady spots to keep them cool. We always take him to places with water as he loves a little dip in a stream or pond.

Mac loves to go to Emmarentia dam for walkies. We have a lovely route that takes us along a little river and ends with a swim with all the other doggies in the best little dam. Nice and shallow for Mac.

Note – don’t forget to bring a towel to dry them off afterwards or your car is going to be sandy and wet! When we get home, Mac is then famished and he gobbles down his EUKANUBA™ pellets like he has been starved for days. They give him energy to wake up the next day demanding another walk!

The pellets are nutritious and not only are good for energy, but they are good for their body and mind! These pellets help with healthy brain function, for energy for the doggies to keep active plus supports their muscles and joints.

Check out EUKANUBA™  dog food to see which product best suits your fur child.

Based on age and breed, you can find the perfect pellet to fuel your dog.

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