That Stationery Slut

So my #girlboss series is not only to honour the amazing #girlbosses that live and breathe amongst us, but to also share awesome brands and companies with you that maybe you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing exist yet! So let me introduce you to THAT STATIONERY SLUT. Gorgeous, curated range of stationery and stationery accessories for all tastes and budgets. Sourced for you, the stationery junkie so that you don’t have to go missioning…

Encore Clothing

Sustainable shopping (and selling!) with Encore Clothing I recently went through a spring clean that had me getting rid of anything that didn’t fit or I hadn’t worn in the last month or two – as I was truly overdue for a clothing purge. Tired of saying ONE DAY IT WILL FIT or MAYBE IT WILL COME BACK INTO FASHION. So I tried to sell most of my items on Facebook but it really was…