Who doesn’t like an amazingly delish handmade chocolate? Gosh. These make me drool all over myself just thinking about them. They are meant to be savoured but too be honest, they hardly ever make it home because I gulp them down in the car on the way home. I’m a pig but seriously, if you try these choccies, you will be ruined for life – a normal slab of chocolate will leave you dissatisfied and craving something else, something more melt in your mouth. One of Chocoloza’s Belgium delights of course.

You can find Chocoloza’s at 44 Stanley, Dainfern Square in Fourways or at their newly opened Morningside Shopping Centre branch!

I apologise in advance as you will become addicted.. but you will thank me for sharing this amazing find with you!

IMG_2361IMG_2360Every chocolate is hand made with love and passion. My favourite favourite is the yellow Granadilla Passion chocolate (the bright yellow one) – it tastes like heaven and sometimes I just buy a box of just those..!

If you bring your box from your previous binge back to them, you get money off your next purchase as they use the same box – so clever!


Here is their website for more info!

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