City Lodge Hotel Group launches new amenities range minus single-use plastic!

So as you all know, it has been Plastic Free July – which was the perfect time for our friends at the City Lodge Hotel Group to share their new range of toiletries! They are amongst the first in the world to move away from single use plastics and definitely a first locally in South Africa.

This makes me super proud that we are making these kind of inroads in the fight against single use plastics and doing what is right for our environment.

I applaud the hotel group (made up of Fairview Hotel (Kenya), Courtyard Hotel, City Lodge Hotel, Town Lodge and Road Lodge) for being so brave to embark on this journey.

They partnered with a local supplier, The Bespoke Amenities Company and together they pioneered the way to reduce our land fills by millions of units of plastic every year! Incredible.

Want to know the exact numbers of what The City Lodge Hotel Group will cut from landfills annually?

– PET bottles: 688 201 units
– Flow wraps: 1 364 954 units
– Plastic tubes: 67 829 units
– Boxed accessories (non-FSC board) 53 142 units

That’s HUGE!

And now the hotel group will help us, their customers reduce our wastage too.

The samples that arrived had me super impressed. The hand cream, in a recyclable aluminium tube was divine, my dry winter hands loved it, and the shea butter in the cream made my hands feel soft and moisturized.

The hand soap comes in a lovely cardboard box, no plastic wrap to be found and the one I was most blown away by was the hair bar!

Am totally converted, the avo and argan oil in the soap made my hair smell and feel amazing.

These soap bars are water free, plastic free and cruelty free. Thumbs up!

Want to know more? Here are the links to who you should follow!

Not travelling at the moment? That’s fine! All these items can also be bought online from Zero Bar! Check out their website to shop online and learn more. Follow them on Instagram too, they would love the support!

Thank you to the City Lodge Hotel Group for the samples I received. Really have enjoyed using them and am proud of their reduction in single use plastics. I hope many more companies follow suit!

Follow them on their Instagram and Facebook pages to be a part of their sustainability journey.




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