Being a born and bred Cape Tonian, I have been brought up seeing the beautiful Bo-Kaap area. The brightly coloured homes with Table Mountain as a backdrop, can not offer you more smiles and photo opportunities than it already does.

There are so many wonderful little crooks and cranies to look at and photograph, as well as shops and restaurants to give you a feel for this picturesque area. You will also find the Bo-Kaap Museum that will help you truly understand the history and stories behind this special area of Cape Town.

Where can you find it? The Bo-Kaap area is situated at the foot of Signal Hill, on the outskirts of Cape Town city centre. It was previously known as the Malay Quarter, and it was where slaves from Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia, who came to work in the Cape, lived.

Next time you are in Cape Town, head to Bo-Kaap for a little drive or walk through – you will not be disappointed. You may even see a legit photo shoot happening as many big brands have used this area for such.

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