So as you all know I love to support local and started a #girlboss segment where we could share, learn and inspire!

During lock down, we are going to do a whole lot of these to highlight these businesses – many of which are taking HUGE strain during this time – and shed some awareness and love to all.

So I would like to introduce to you the most beautiful goodies, hand made with love and good for the environment. Daily Peach sells soft crocheted make up removal discs, that are washable and gentle on the skin.  No more cotton wool pads needed!

Let’s see what Courtney had to say!



You started your own business  –  How did you go about this? 

It all happened in a whirlwind. Last September I was indecisive and just mulling over a possible idea, by November I had a brand and was ready to launch. I couldn’t have done it without my parents, the graphics team at my stepdad’s office was incredible to me and my dad’s done the trademark. My moms in all forms have been unbelievably encouraging and supportive. I think everyone they know got Daily Peach pads for Christmas!

What are the top 3 learnings you have had to find out the hard way since starting your own business?

– don’t take on other people’s fears, the comments are probably coming from a place of love and concern but don’t let them influence your direction or goal. I was so nervous about starting Daily Peach, I really did not have room or energy for other people’s fear.

– You can ask for all the opinions and advice you like, at the end of the day the decision and it’s  consequences sit with you alone. I love asking questions about everything. At some point a decision needs to be made and ultimately I’m the one that has to do it. No one else knows the intricacies of Daily Peach and they can’t actually help with whether or not I should be buying more yarn during lockdown.

– jump. I’m a big planner. I think it’s all I’d do if I had the excuse. Actually starting when things don’t seem absolutely perfect okay! Analysis paralysis is a big obstacle I’ve had to overcome.


Where do you see your business heading in the next few years? Once we have gotten over the effects of the lock down.

I’d love to start exporting. Our products are universally useful  and proudly South African. It would be incredible for them to stand on the world stage.

What is your advice to women out there wanting to start their own businesses but are too scared?

Fear is an incredible and exciting thing to overcome.Only in the last two weeks did “people want my product” actually sink in. I don’t know why it took so long and what prompted the revelation  but it’s a great feeling. Things are still scary and lock down hasn’t helped but persist persist persist.


Tell us 2 things that are the BEST part about owning your own business and make it all worth while?

– all the new things I’m learning about production, people and how they fit together. Coordinating has been a big challenge during lock down.

– the value of time. I love crocheting but it’s not the best use of my day. I mostly leave it up to the ten wonderful women who are much quicker than me anyway. Now my time is spent on marketing and planning (and the contract marketing work I do). At this point I’m not sure which is my side hustle.


Find Daily Peach on Instagram and give them some love and support! You can also find all their products on her online shop.

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