Natasha or you may know her as #FitLikeMummy, is an awesome local Joburg based blogger who shares all the trials and tribulations that life throws her way, in a real and open way through her social media and blog! After a few days of following her, you will undoubtedly have fallen in love with her sense of humour, her two boys who light up her life and the cutest little fur-child called Nugget.  You will  go along for a wonderful ride – with her family, on their travels and at mealtime!  I love learning about meal prep, Natasha did Veganuary and I enjoyed seeing her non-meat meals and I love her unfiltered way of life! Check out her blog here to see why I am raving about #FitLikeMummy!

Sometimes bloggers and influencers say only what is expected of them. I find that they are not real and that upsets me. #FitLikeMummy is 100% real – what you see is what you get and this really resonates with me. In a time when we are all trying to connect and be in a safe environment where we can be ourselves, Natasha allows us to do just that by leading by example.

Natasha shares her journey as a Mom with us and includes you in her family life – the good, the bad and the ugly. Through her posts and stories, I feel like I know her boys and they are an integral part of who #FitLikeMummy really is.

Natasha shares weekends away, family or girls trips, as well as restaurants and recipes and meal prepping! Natasha also pulls no punches – she is open about love, life and everything else!

 Natasha’s life’s purpose:

Living to inspire has become my life’s purpose, so much so that what started out as just a personal blog has transformed into a community that supports women and children.

Ashton, Natasha and Skylar

Natasha also, being the #grilboss she is, has a side hustle – an online shop on her blog called Fearlessly Authentic! Here you will find gorgeous goodies to buy to treat yourself and spoil the ladies in your tribe. Here is the link to the online store.

From tshirts, to pamper products, to recipe books and collagen and the most gorgeous jewellery – there is plenty to choose from! You will fall in love with the earrings and bracelets and pendants –  your heart will be happy and so will your credit card as her items are affordable too 🙂

Natasha is a passionate woman, who motivates us to be the best we can be! I urge you to follow her on Instagram as well as keep an eye out for her stories – they will make you laugh and smile and improve your mood immensely!


You know me for sharing local finds, and this is a special one – hope you think so too x



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