There is something magical about Boulder’s Beach. So much so, that every time I go home to Cape Town, I have to go back, to see the penguins. I think it’s so soothing for the soul, to walk amongst the penguins, and, if you are BRAVE, swim in the icy sea water with them!

Boulders Beach is a sheltered beach and has huge granite boulders in and around the water, making it a great playground for the penguins (and kids!), and that’s where the name comes from! The beach is small so get there early to book your place.

The beach is popular, but worth the crowds to be able to see and swim with the penguins – as it’s the only place in the world where you can get this close to our African Penguins!

Boulders Beach, and the beaches around it, are a part of the Table Mountain National Park. This ensures the beaches are clean, and our special penguins protected.

There are also wheelchair-friendly walk ways to allow you to weave your way through the dunes and vegetation and not only provides great viewing spots, but also protects nesting penguins and their chicks. As you walk along the walk way, you will see them nesting and some course penguins will come right up to the path way to check you out. You may even see one or two taking a walk through the car park!

Why not take the train and make a day of it! You can catch a train all the way from Cape Town, to the Simon’s Town station. You will see the most beautiful coast line, so take photos along the way! From the station, you will need to follow the signs to the beach, by walking through the town. There are restaurants and shops along the way so enjoy! This walk will take about 20 to 30 minutes.

To swim with penguins is a real treat, to watch them duck and dive around you – it’s a dream come true. Whether you are a local or an international guest, do not miss out on ticking this off your to do list when visiting Cape Town.

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Address: Kleintuin Rd, Simon’s Town, Cape Town

Admission: R70 per adult and R35 per child to get in, this money is a conservation fee and goes towards keeping Boulders Beach in tip top condition.

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