So as you all know I love to support local and started a segment where we could share, learn and inspire! It is so important to support local and share your findings with others.

During lock down, we are going to do a whole lot of these to highlight these businesses – many of which are taking HUGE strain during this time – and shed some awareness and love to all.

I discovered the absolutely awesome Garabette Monogram Collection on social media and knew I had to share! I mean who doesn’t love a good monogrammed accessory? From bags in all shapes and sizes, baskets, sun hats and even eco friendly felt plastic bags!  Their collection is just gorgeous and there is something for everyone.

Please check out their website to see all of the divine options available to purchase. And please give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook – they would appreciate the love and support.

We chatted to the lovely Caryn Garabette, founder and creative #girlboss behind this business and she had this to say to us!

Tell us a little bit about your business.

Last year I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and so found myself with a lot more time on my hand while I was ‘resting’. I needed a creative outlet and I was inspired by the monogram trend.

My love of fashion and design has led me to closely follow current trends. I have completely fallen in love with the monogram trend and want to share this new love with you!

I mean who doesn’t want to have their initials proudly displayed on their everyday luxury items? Reese Witherspoon says: “My sheets are monogrammed, so is my silverware and pretty much everything else I own. My rule is, if it’s not moving — monogram it!”

Inspired by all the gorgeous monogrammed items I have seen recently I wanted to bring this fabulous trend to South Africa!

All of our locally sourced hand crafted products are beautifully enhanced with your monogram.
Garabette Monogram Collection transforms everyday simplicity into something special!

What are the top 3 learnings you have had to find out the hard way since starting your own business?

– When dealing with suppliers and service providers, sometimes you need to step back, take a deep breath and emotion out of a situation and step back in calmly.
– You have to spend money to make money
– Read the order over and over and then check it again

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I would love to be selling loads of monogrammed products, specifically products which are locally sourced, ethically and environmentally friendly and help towards community upliftment. I would love to be walking around and see people carrying my bags! This would make me super happy!

What is your advice to individuals out there wanting to start their own businesses but are too scared?

If you have an idea which you are passionate about and you think you can make money from it, give it your best shot!

Tell us 2 things that are the BEST part about owning your own business and make it all worthwhile?

– When customers take the time to email or message you to tell you how much they love their purchase and to thank you for the amazing service.

– I love being able to be creative again, to have the outlet is fun, I also love being able to support others who I am working with.

How has lock down affected you and your business?

I put the business on hold and have only recently started up again. I guess a positive of lockdown is that it made the South African consumer more comfortable with shopping online and trusting online sites which I think was lacking in the past.


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