So I received the most beautifully wrapped press drop of Schwarzkopf Gliss Bio Tech Restore products and I fell in love straight away. When I lifted the lid of the box, I could already smell the most beautiful perfume, coming from the products! Over the last few days I have been using the products and I can tell you I am really happy.

Not only does my hair smell absolutely divine, but its so soft and has a shine to it that it didn’t have before with the other shampoo and conditioner I was using. The product range of 4 items, includes a Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Butter and Express Repair Conditioner. All of which I have used and really enjoyed!

The range is produced by Schwarzkopf, a global pioneeer in hair cosmetics and known for quality and innovation – such innovation as the Gliss range that we are chatting about today! It is also the leading hair care brand in Europe for colour and styling, and the most successful online hair cosmetics brand in China!

So what is Gliss Bio Tech Restore all about?

The latest scientific findings regarding strong hair show that the new BIO-TECH RESTORE from Gliss enhances the care of stressed hair. It has plant-based Phyto- Stem-Cell-Complex-Technology that stimulates hair follicles and strengthens your hair. At the
same time, fresh rose water softens hair while giving it a dreamlike sheen and absolutely divine scent.

With the new Gliss BIO-TECH RESTORE products, your hair can return to its original beauty and strength.

This new Phyto-Stem-Cell-Complex-Technology is inspired by the ingredients found in nature and with its plant-based activation system and rose water ingredient, it gives hair the nutrients it lacks and assists in bringing it back to its former glory! The active ingredients start working in the hair follicle to help hair regenerate and recover from everyday stressors like heat, UV rays and pollution.

What pricing are you looking at?

This Gliss range  is now available in most leading retailers including Dischem, Clicks, Checkers and online at Takealot, with the products ranging from R72.99 upwards.

GLISS BIO-TECH RESTORE STRENGTHENING SHAMPOO 400ml: RSP R72.99. This is a rich, strengthening shampoo that stimulates hair follicles for healthy hair and visibly improved hair quality.

GLISS BIO-TECH RESTORE STRENGTHENING CONDITIONER 400ml: RSP R72.99. This is a rich conditioner to restore shine and smoothness to stressed or damaged hair.

GLISS BIO-TECH RESTORE STRENGTHENING HAIR BUTTER 300ml: RSP R89.99. This is an Intensive mask providing care for stressed and damaged hair.

GLISS BIO-TECH RESTORE EXPRESS REPAIR CONDITIONER 200ml: RSP R99.99. This is an innovative leave-in conditioner for quick repair and beautiful results for stressed or damaged hair.

So definitely check it out and give it a try if you want to restore your hair, and care for it lovingly! x








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