Please can I introduce you to this proudly South African company! Do you love olive oil and olives and salad dressings? Yes please. Stay with me and continue to read on.

Goedgedacht Trading was founded almost 20 years ago and has been supplying retailers – locally and internationally and now with the launch of their own brand, “goed” you can purchase their award winning olive oils and various other products, online and to your door.

On their website, they sum up what they do very simply as follows:

“Helping to build Thriving, Vibrant, Self-Sustainable rural communities”

Why did Goedgedacht launch “goed”?

“It was time for Goedgedacht Trading to focus on building its own brand,” declares Rob Templeton, whose father, Peter, co-founded the Goedgedacht Trust near Riebeek Kasteel in the Swartland with his wife Anne, in 1993. It is from the name Goedgedacht that the exciting new brand was derived.

I absolutely love the look and feel of this brand’s packaging – the colours and patterns are divine, and I am a huge fan of the brand name! “The word goed in a local context means good and we’ve always wanted this brand and this company to do goed in our communities, on our farm and for our consumers,” says Rob. “By building the goed brand we hope to continue to spread the goed-ness.”

To order online, go to the online shop ! Personally, I love olive oils and salad dressings – and when I popped on to their page, the Blackberry, Blueberry, lemon and Cranberry infused salad dressings caught my eye. As an avid salad lover and eater, this already gets my mouth watering! Then add to that olives, olive oil and olive paste and you have a winning range. Please shop online and support this special business. Pricing starts from R21.25, which is very reasonable for gorgeous products like these!

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