So as you all know I love to support local and started a segment where we could share, learn and inspire! It is so important to support local and share your findings with others.

Today is a very special post, about one incredible organisation – Guide Dog Association South Africa – as well as a very special local business, 21Folds, who are  helping them to drive awareness and create funds for the special work that they do! Carmen from 21 Folds has the BIGGEST heart and I am so happy to share this collab with you.

Let’s chat a little about the Guide Dog Association and what they do and what that actually means! 

The association provides Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, Autism Support Dogs, and Orientation and Mobility. Their mission is to enhance the lives of visually and physically impaired people and children with autism, so they too can live better lives.

Guide Dogs
A Guide Dog is a Working Dog that is trained to assist you in independently navigating the world if you are a person with a visual impairment. A Guide Dog is both a Working Dog and a faithful companion.

Service Dogs
A Service Dog is a Working Dog that is trained to assist you if you are a person who is physically disabled. A Service Dog is trained to  assist you with tasks.  A Service Dog is both a Working Dog and a faithful companion.

Autism Support Dogs
Autism Support Dogs are specially selected dogs that are trained to work with children with autism. The Autism Support Dog’s primary role is to help with the tendency of children with autism to run away when they are distracted.

Orientation and Mobility
Provides people with visual impairments with an alternative to a Guide Dog, ie the long cane. The long cane is an extremely useful mobility aid that can become an extension of a person’s sense of touch.

To a person who is visually impaired it may mean the ability to go to the bank, visit friends, go shopping unaided or travel to work safely. This means the need to be able to know where they are and to move around safely.

Now I want to introduce you to the lovely 21 Folds! Carmen, the special lady behind 21 Folds has created a #oragami4good campaign whereby she had made the MOST BEAUTIFUL origami scottish terrier earrings! The paper used has little doggies on it – I mean how special? I have a scottie dog and am obsessed with anything “scottie” so these are just perfection!

So the big NEWS is that 21Folds has created a range of doggie inspired origami earrings that will be sold and R50 per pair will be donated to the Guide Dogs Association!

Keen to get your hands on a pair? Order online – LAUNCH DATE 1 December – or if you are in Joburg, head to the Linden Market this coming weekend and get your paws on a pair of these!

So set you alarm and get on to their website on 1 December and buy, buy, buy! Christmas is coming up after all!

We chatted to Carmen about 21Folds and she had this to say to us!

My venture into the origami arts started out of curiosity and the need to solve the intricacies of a fold, but it developed into a true desire to create in this incredible art form.

I believe that origami art isn’t something that should be mastered, because there is always a more intricate fold, or a stubborn crease just waiting around the corner. It’s about finding the best ways to make these creases and intricacies remain beautiful.

Each piece is designed with thought and made with passion.

I create origami masterpieces that you can wear. But to me it’s more than jewellery – these origami pieces are the manifestation of what makes creating so amazing and fulfilling: An unavoidable wanderlust, forgetting about perfection and celebrating the wonderful, and the willingness to collaborate with our fellow human.

Check out 21Folds Instagram and Facebook pages and give them a follow! This local business would appreciate the love and support x





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