As a child, I was brought up playing Lego with my brother. Such fond memories as we used to create little towns, build mansions with the picket fences and round topiary trees. The building opportunities were endless and we would spend fun-filled hours with these little pieces of fun.

And then I grew up, became an adult and left Lego behind. Or did I?

I discovered the MOST amazing company, here in South Africa – where you can build your very own Lego person – with hundreds of options for legs, arms, hands, heads, tops, accessories etc – you can spend HOURS building your very own.

How does it work?

Go on to the website and click on the SHOP tab. Here you get to choose whether you want a male or female or animal. I clicked on female and then I had a plethora of choices. From head, to hair to head gear – to legs, torso and accessories. I literally sat for hours, putting “me” together.

I wanted to have a travel element, hence picked the Vietnamese traditional hat as Vietnam – a tribute to a lovely holiday in Vietnam. I paired that up with a camera as I adore taking photos as I go. My Mini-Me came to R160, with legs, torso, hat, hair, head and camera. You can spend less or more – the choice is yours!

You can create superhero’s too – any characters your heart desires. The options are endless!
Please give them a follow on Instagram. Their Mini-Me’s will brighten up your feed! These really do make the BEST gifts, and are so unique and thoughtful, you cannot go wrong.
You can also choose to order an additional key ring part that you attach to your Mini-Me and then it can go where ever you go!

Photos in this post have been taken by the talented Jaco Schoeman. To see more of his work, go to his Instagram page – @jacosch

Here are some examples from the website, photos courtesy of Mini-Me:

Instagram page:

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