So as you all know I love to support local and started a segment where we could share, learn and inspire!

So I would like to introduce you to a BRAND NEW business, set up in the time of lock down and WOW, you are going to love it! Wouldn’t you like to grow your very own veggies? Yes you would!

So let’s learn about who Instant Farm is!

You have just started a brand new business, Instant Farm – Tell us about it and what products you will be selling?

Food supply has such a big impact on our sense of security in life. During these uncertain times, we would like to help people regain a sense of control over their own lives, to reconnect with their roots and do what comes most natural to human beings- growing your own food. There is honestly nothing as satisfying as seeing the first green seed-sprout bursting through the soil you’ve faithfully been watering. It is a beautiful process- you nurture the plants and, in time, they will nurture you.

Through conversations with our customers (we call them the InstafArmy) we have realized that so many people have the desire to grow their own food but feel intimidated by the process or don’t know where to begin. Add to that standing in long queues nowadays to get into stores, and often getting to the gardening section to find that the item you are looking for is out of stock. We’ve made it easy for people to kickstart their vegetable garden, irrespective of their previous gardening experience or whether they live in the city or countryside.

Our first product, the Instant Farm Kit, includes everything you need, in the correct quantities, to start your vegetable garden and is delivered to your door. (CPT and surrounds for now)

The Instant Farm kit includes:

· Wooden planter box (treated to withstand outdoor conditions and lined at the base to ensure soil doesn’t slip through the drainage gaps)
· 2x bags of potting soil
· 1x bag of compost
· 1x box of seed strips* (5 vegetable varieties enough to plant 1 square meter)
· PDF Starter Guide with instructions on how to start and care for your Instant Farm as well as some general growing tips.

*the seed strips are made of bio-degradable paper that contains the nutrients necessary for the seeds to sprout and the seeds are already spaced according to the plant’s adult space requirements.

We will be launching our second product within the next few days (you are the first to know about it!). This product is aimed at people that already have plenty of garden space or containers but need help turning it into a vegetable patch. It will consist of special bio-degradable seed starter pots, germination pellets (the medium needed for seeds to sprout effectively) and a variety of seasonal, organic, non-GMO seeds to get you started. It will also come with very specific instructions to put our customers’ minds at ease.

The Instant Farm Seed Sprouting Kit can be shipped countrywide!

What are the top 3 learnings you have had to find out the hard way since starting your own businesses – I know its early days but perhaps some insights?

1: Risk is necessary for growth. It can be scary to invest capital into your vision, with no certainty that it will be fruitful.

2: Organization is key. We are constantly working on improving our systems to manage our expense sheets, orders and deliveries as effectively as possible.

3: Being adaptable. Circumstances change all the time, and in order for a business to survive it needs to be adaptable to economic environments and customer needs.

Where do you see your businesses in 5 years?

We see Instant Farm as more than just a business, we see it as a movement. A movement that empowers people by showing them that they don’t have to be completely dependent on main-stream systems for survival. We hope that by investing in the kit, it will stir in them passion and confidence and that they will continue to grow their own food for life.

In 5 years we hope to have a variety of product offerings according to people’s different needs and be able to operate on a national scale. However, together with our growth vision, we would still like to keep our personal relationship with our InstafArmy. We want our clients to know that we are here to support them along the way! We are also working on our social media platforms to be educational- to supply people with general gardening tips, fun facts and recipes.

What is your advice to individuals out there wanting to start their own businesses but are too scared?

Start. Even if you don’t have your branding or your product exactly where you have envisioned it yet, the biggest and most intimidating step is just to start. It will quickly become a snowball effect; you will constantly get new ideas on how you can innovate and improve your business. You will learn and adapt so much in the process. Also, don’t be afraid of failure, every failure holds the opportunity for learning and bettering your business.


So check out their offering online here and give them some love! Here is their Instagram account, please follow! This really is an incredibly easy way to start growing your own veggies in your garden or on your balcony.


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