It’s often amazing how you can live somewhere for most of your life and not experience it to the full! I went to the Irma Stern Museum for THE FIRST TIME now, in December 2018 and I can tell you that I’m kicking myself for not going regularly like my Mom does. It is based in Rondebosch, very close to UCT. There is plenty of parking and we paid a whopping R10 each to get in. To have such a famous artist’s work so available to everyone to see, we truly are lucky!


The museum opened in 1971 and contains a permanent collection of not only her paintings but also her collection of artefacts, collected during travels to Europe and Africa. The best part is that the museum is housed within her home! The furniture, art and decor is as it was when she lived there, adding to the experience. She loved to travel and you can see the influence in her magnificent collection of work. I love how she painted her cupboard doors – life was never dull in her home!

Irma was born in 1894 and sadly died in 1966. She will always be one of my favourite expressionist painters, with her stunning use of bright colour in her paintings.


For more info, please check out the website.

Address: UCT Irma Stern Museum, situated in Cecil Road, Rosebank, Cape Town

Opening hours:
Tuesday- Friday from 10am-5pm
Saturday from 10am-2pm
Closed public holidays

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