So as you all know I love to support local and started a segment where we could share, learn and inspire! It is so important to support local and share your findings with others. So please can I introduce Jelico to you! A brand new local business that has popped up here in South Africa, and boy oh boy, your pets (and you included!) are going to get so excited when you see their stylish products on offer!

I have never seen such gorgeous pet beds before, I feel like a terrible Mom for making my boy sleep on such an unexciting and non-beautiful bed after seeing these! And the mountable cat scratching pad? So clever, and better than her claws on your lounge suite. And elevated dog food bowls – which are much better for your dog’s posture.

Their products are not only easy on the eye but the quality of their products is top notch. And they are committed to using sustainable materials where possible which is kinder on our environment!

Check out their  website to place your online orders! And please give them all the love and follows on their Facebook and their Instagram pages.

We chatted to the lovely Jelico and they had this to say to us!

Zoey – Bamboo half circle bed

Tell us about your business and what products you are selling? 

We are Jelico and we are a pet furniture brand! We launched on 15 January 2021, so we are brand new but we offer sustainable, quality and hand made items that you and your pets will love.

We are a husband and wife team with an immense passion for animals and keen interior enthusiasts. We had just newly renovated our apartment, but had one small issue which was the fact that our cat, ‘Coco’ didn’t have a living space that blended in with our décor and aesthetics.

Felix scratch pad – Modern scratchpad – can get mounted against a wall or made to stand on the floor

As a keen member of the family, and technically the “boss” of the house, we could not remove her beloved cat stand and throne (which had already been torn to shreds) from the living room. We eventually custom made our own cat stand for the living room and since then we have never looked back. As this problem presented itself, we saw an opportunity to create stylish, well designed pet furniture that could be functional as well as harmoniously fit in with the interior of your home.

Fable – The Oval Bamboo Lounger

We approach every design with meticulous attention to detail and we set ourselves the goal to integrate the living space between home owners and their beloved fur babies. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of product quality. We use only the best fabrications and materials for our products to ensure the pieces have longevity and
are functional for its intended end use.

There is also a consistent minimalist aesthetic to all our designs to match perfectly to the home space and blend in. We are also passionate about giving back to the community and we will donate 5% from every purchase to local charities and initiatives that are close to our heart.

What makes Jelico different?

Hand made with passion! Most of the products are designed and manufactured locally. We make use of a variety of local suppliers as well as an in-house production facility that we are working towards upskilling local carpenters and seamstresses.

Exceptional Quality! All fabrics and materials are carefully selected to ensure the product is functional and above all durable. Every material from the inside of the foam cushion to the coating on the bamboo is carefully selected to ensure the finished product is of exceptional quality.

Sustainability! We are committed to moving towards a more sustainable future by using mostly natural materials such as bamboo and rattan as well as materials made from recycled plastic bottles.

Frankie – Elevated stainless steel bowls

What are the top 3 learnings you have had to find out the hard way since starting your own businesses:

1) If you have budgeted for start up costs, you must know that there will always be a lot of extra unforeseen costs. Starting a business is definitely a learning curve and my mom would always advise me that these ‘School fees’ are part of the process.

2) Time is one of your most valuable assets when setting up a business. Set clear goals for yourself and make sure you prioritize your time wisely.

3) Take it day by day! Starting a business can get overwhelming with many tasks and admin required. Set small goals for yourself day by day and celebrate small victories!

Toulouse blanket – Faux fur

What is your advice to individuals out there wanting to start their own businesses but are too scared?

Make sure whatever you want to start or create is something you truly believe in.

We have an immense passion for the product that we create and we 100% believe in our brand.

If it was not for our passion and belief in our product, we would have probably given up a few times already as there are multiple barriers and stumbling blocks when starting a business.

If you believe in your idea or product, you will have the determination to persevere.


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