So as you all know I love to support local and started a #girlboss segment where we could share, learn and inspire!

During lock down, we are going to do a whole lot of these to highlight these businesses – many of which are taking HUGE strain during this time – and shed some awareness and love to all.

So I would like to introduce to you the most stunning brand of jewellery! Have you ever seen a more gorgeous collection? Goodness, I’m drooling. Check out their website and join in on the drooling! So beautifully made, very unique and the colours – wow!

Let’s learn more about this brand.


Firstly, tell us a little bit about your business and what you offer?

I sell jewellery made here in South Africa. We are an online store. I custom make jewellery and have a set collection which is available to buy online.

You started your own business  –  How does it feel to be a successful #girlboss that inspires others and loves what she does?

I’m proud to own something that is solely mine. I have the ability to create what I love and make the decisions which is probably the best part.

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What are the top 3 learnings you have had to find out the hard way since starting your own business?

I had no idea how to run a business so I really just did what I thought was right. The accounting part was a challenge so for the first few months everything was all over the place. I approached an accountant who taught me how to use an accounting software which has helped to organize and help my business hugely

Buying too much stock to begin with. I wish I started off a little smaller as in the beginning I ordering a lot of stock hoping to sell it fast and not waiting to see what the client would want.


Where do you see your business in 5 years? Once we have gotten over the effects of the lock down.

I hope to be in the same situation doing what I love. It’s always nice to grow and become more well known but my goal is just to make sure that I am still running this business which I am so passionate about

What is your advice to women out there wanting to start their own businesses but are too scared?

I think if you are passionate about the product do or make it with confidence rather than focusing on creating a successful business. Focus your time and energy on the product and client rather than selling a lot.


Tell us 2 things that are the BEST part about owning your own business and make it all worth while?

You can pick your own holidays 😂 When someone tells you they love your product you can feel proud knowing you were the one who created it!


Please show their Facebook page and Instagram some love! Follow, share and like. Any orders will go out after lockdown so don’t forget to do some shopping while you are at home!





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