So as you all know I love to support local and started a #girlboss segment on the blog where we could share, learn and inspire!

During lock down, we are going to do a whole lot of these to highlight these businesses – many of which are taking HUGE strain during this time – and shed some awareness and love to all.

And who doesn’t love biscuits!

And rusks.

That are so, so good – I’ve already been through packets and packets of Mamamac’s biscuits and we are only half way through lock down. But the good news? They deliver during lock down (they have relevant permission) and have a 30% off code when you check out during April, so seriously – what are YOU waiting for. Check out their beautiful website for more.  My absolute favourite is the shortbread. So, so yum.

Support local, your tummy will thank you and so will Anneke from Mamamac’s 🙂

How does it feel to be a successful #girlboss that inspires others and loves what she does?

I have been very fortunate to take over the business from my mother who started baking in her kitchen more than 20 years ago. Before Mamamac’s, I was in corporate and not even sure I wanted my own business, not to mention that I was very nervous and scared about tackling it on my own. Two years down the line I can honestly say that I love every minute of it! It is infinitely harder than what I thought it would be but the same can be said for the joy that it brings.

What are the top 3 learnings you have had to find out the hard way since owning your own business?

It is true what they say – cash flow will be your biggest challenge! Make sure that you have a budget and track sales vs spending closely. Two years in it is still hard for me as I am learning about the business everyday still, but the discipline should be there.

I am an eternal optimist and I always want to see the best in people. The unfortunate reality is that there are people out there looking to take advantage of that. I have a responsibility towards my staff and my business and cannot just always take every one at their word. I learnt that the hard way! Now I need to make sure that I have the correct contracts in place, ask for deposits on 1st time orders etc.

Last but not least, you are nothing without your team, however big or small. You have to take a genuine interest in the lives and wellbeing of your staff. We have staff that have been with Mamamac’s for 10, 14 and 20 years respectively. We respect each other and they know that they can trust me and I will help where I can. I also have no qualms about jumping in when needed, whether I have to bake or carry boxes.

I could not have done this without my team!


Where do you see your business in 5 years? Once we have gotten over the effects of the lock down.

I would love to explore new product ranges in the future. I believe the market for quality, home style products is bigger than ever. But for me it is crucial that we never lose our heart – the focus on family and community that was ultimately the reason for Mamamac’s birth in the first place.


What is your advice to women out there wanting to start their own businesses but are too scared?

I would be lying if I said it was always easy, the truth is, there have been many sleepless nights! But the rewards do outweigh the challenges every time!

First and foremost, make sure you have an excellent product or service offering and that there is a viable market for it. And then you surround yourself with good people that have the same passion for the business that you have and look after them as best you can.

Tell us 2 things that are the BEST part about owning your own business and make it all worth while?

If you have your own business you don’t work less, you work harder but you can also work smarter. I can manage my own time – as a single mom, that is priceless!

Nothing beats the satisfaction of someone really enjoying our products! For me and my team it is the ultimate reward!

So there you have it! All you needed to know about the wonderful Anneke and her business that makes us so happy. I used to travel all the way to Parys in the Free State to buy these goodies and then discovered them at my neighbourhood Spar and NOW I just order in! They really are the most divine biscuits and rusks – you can taste they are made from quality ingredients and so much love!

Please support local and show Mamamac’s some love. This is her Instagram – share and follow please! And her Facebook! And don’t forget to place some orders – Remember, its 30% off all orders in APRIL! use the code HOMESWEETHOME

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