So I recently discovered such a divine cause that I knew I just had to share! The Kopanang Community Trust is a community for women facing adversity and illness. It is made up of a community of women from areas near Tsakane in eastern Johannesburg. Each Kopanang woman carries the burden of HIV/AIDs, whether having the virus themselves, or caring for loved ones that lives with the disease.


Kopanang provides a safe platform for these women to upskill themselves and come together for support. Through these skills they are empowered to create ranges of stunning hand crafted products.

Each design is interpreted by the women of Kopanang and will vary in style and colour, ensuring that every piece is one of a kind! The ladies even embroider their names on the products they create which makes them even more special, a true work of art <3

Nativity Set



The charity relies heavily on the support of international communities.

Kopanang was started by Sister Sheila Flynn, a missionary from Australia. Historically products were sold at international markets with senior members of the trust flying out to these markets and selling handmade products there.

Due to the pandemic, they can no longer travel and sell their wares to the supporters across the globe. So now they need to focus on the South African market to keep the project going!

The women receive the majority of the selling price for each product they make and complete in a month. The balance of the sale proceeds is used to stock fabrics and contribute to the project’s overheads.

I have handpicked a few gorgeous pieces made by these talented ladies, in the hope you will fall in love and buy from their online store! Christmas is coming up and we know you all love to support local.

Here goes:

How about these stunning traditional dolls?  there are a wide range of different ones to choose from but these were my favourites! These are traditional Tswana ladies – they have Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa and Venda too! Pricing starts at R280. Check out the range here. 

Traditional dolls

Beautiful phone covers – I mean how stunning are these? Beautiful bright colours and hours of work have gone into these!

Phone covers start at R190 and they also do tablet covers too! Link. 

Cell Phone covers

Look at some of these examples of the Christmas decorations available! They are just so beautful! My favourites are the Zebras and Rhino’s with wings! How clever?

And the gorgeous angels on the right. Such lovely bright colours! These decorations start at R64. Click here for the range.

Handmade stuffed animals! These are absolutely gorgeous and start from R160. Link

The below is called a Safari Bag of Animals and is priced at R580. It’s so cool and will make a divine gift! Link. 

Safari bag of animals

So I love these wine bags and they can be used as gift bags (reusable) for wine too! These are R200 each. Link.

They come in a wide range of colours and designs.

Wine bags


Thank you for looking at my blog post and seeing my favourite picks from the Kopanang Community Trust online store!

Please also give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook, they would really, really appreciate the support! x


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