Top ten things to do in NYC

New York is amazing. That said, you can not do everything in one visit as there is just so much to see! So I have created a top ten list of my favourite to-do’s. There are many other things to see and do but this is my shortened list. This doesn’t even take into consideration FOOD. And you will eat so much you are not even going to fit into your pants when you leave!

Do you agree with what’s on my list?

To see more photos of my photos from my trip to NYC, click here.

1.The MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

I did art throughout my schooling career, and thus it has always been a huge love of mine. So in all my travels, I also make sure I see as many of my favourites in the flesh as possible. The MOMA fulfilled a life long dream of seeing my all time favourite painting – Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night.

Does it look amazing? Or does it look amazing?!

Jokes, here it is, in all its glory.

So yes, it was busy but we went on a Friday day, when it is free between 4 and 9pm. Advice? Pay the $25 and go in when it is not CRAZY busy. It was quite claustrophobic with so many people there and you don’t really want the whole world in every photo you take!

By the end of it I was ready to inflict bodily harm on most of the people there as they were bashing against me and just getting into my personal space! There is a lovely restaurant that you can sit in when you need a breather and a beautiful shop selling prints, stationery, and all sorts of arty souvenirs.

There were amazing pieces exhibited from some of my favourite artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Miro and Monet.

How are these pieces? WOW! Monet’s waterlilies took up nearly a whole room, was magical.


While we visited, there was also a magnificent exhibition of clothing through the ages – it was like the top 200 items of clothing that made history. So the Wonderbra was there, the little black dress, the moonbag, the denim jacket, Levi jeans of course and lets not forget Converse takkies! This was a really cool exhibition and I really felt quite cool knowing I had some of these items in my wardrobe.. and thank goodness some that have never featured in there – I don’t care how iconic they are, some of these need to stay where they are in the past and not make a come back!

For more info, check out their website:

2.The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim building is one of architectural genius – even if you just go to see the building, it will be worth it! Entrance is $25.

World renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright designed this masterpiece of a building which opened in 1959. The spiral ramp provides a unique way of presentation artwork and allows you to see multiple levels of artwork as you make your way around the museum.

There are permanent collections and other visiting exhibitions. We queued for what seemed like hours in the icy cold, so cold that our bodies were in pain.. but was definitely worth it. Definitely. The architecture in its self is beautiful, and then when we went inside – so many favourites!

Once you have your ticket inside, go and get a headset so that you can walk through the exhibitions at your leisure and read up on all the artwork and their creators.

These were some of the special pieces we were lucky enough to see in person:

Then there was an exhibition entitled: Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World. The exhibition has since closed but presented work by 71 key artists and groups active across China and worldwide whose “critical provocations aim to forge reality free from ideology, to establish the individual apart from the collective, and to define contemporary Chinese experience in universal terms.”

For more information. Please click on their website:

3.The Top of the Rock

While in NYC, you have to go up to the top of the Rockefeller Center and see unparalleled views of Manhatten, Central Park and if you are lucky, a magnificent sunset!

$30 to $80 for a ticket – book online so you can then walk to the front! Or you will queue for ages. I know this may look pricey, but its definitely worth the price.

What a view! This is a must see – to be able to see the whole of New York from there to the horizon, was just mind blowing. So beautiful.

They only let a certain number of people up, so make sure if you have bought your ticket already that you are there on time – as you need to still go through security, they then show you videos of the history etc around the building, they take photos (that you can then buy later of yourself superimposed with iconic views behind you) so it’s quite a lengthy process until you catch the lift and are finally on top of the world!

For more info:


4.Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge has ALWAYS been high up on my bucket list. There is something so beautiful and majestic about this famous bridge that drew me to it. And it obviously did not disappoint.

Don’t let these photos fool you, there may have been blue skies but it was minus weather and we were so cold, that our cell phone batteries depleted from 100% to 0% in a matter of minutes of being on the bridge! My fingers were so stiff from the cold, it hurt to work my camera… but boy what an experience.

The bridge is very busy – as its not only you and your fellow tourists but all the locals who use it to get from A to B. So watch out for bicycles and runners.

5.The Highline

The Highline is really cool! To have a beautiful area to run, walk and just enjoy the sites and smells of New York, what a fabulous idea.
The High Line is a 3.5km long elevated park, built on top of a former New York Central Railroad spur on the west side of Manhattan in New York City. The railway tracks were not being used so they were repurposed into tree lined walkways.


For more information on the history and design, click here:

6.Central Park

Central Park is such a beautiful place to get lost. The beauty, even in the icy cold was magnificent. The ponds had all iced over, the squirrels were digging out their winter stash of food, there were buskers doing comedy and some singing at the Beatles Imagine memorial.. it was just incredible to be able to walk through this public space and enjoy it with fellow New Yorkers.

For more information, click here:

7.Statue of Liberty

$26 per person – this is to go up the statue.
We just took the FREE Staten Island ferry and you go past the Statue of Liberty and then climb back on, on the other side and come back. You can see such lovely views from the ferry – definitely sit outside so you can take loads of photos. It’s a quick trip and really enjoyable.

For more information, click here:

8.Times Square

I felt like I was in a movie! You know how you feel like you KNOW Times Square so well because you have see it so many times on TV? The lights, the advertisements, the noise – its everything I imagined it would be and more. Loads of shops, restaurants and of course theatres.

9.A musical

You have to see a musical while you are in New York – it is an absolute must do.
We went to see such Avenue Q. It was such fun – great storyline, amazing actors and just sucked us right in. There are Hundreds of shows and theatres to choose from – shows from 30 dollars to 300 dollars.

10.Street art

And don’t forget the street art. The LOVE sign, the Bansky – these are things to love and look forward to, not to mention the graffiti. Check out my post on the Graffiti Tour! Keep your eyes pealed, there is art wherever you look!

So those are my top 10, if you have queries, reach out! Would love to chat some more about Americaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Dress warmly if you go in winter – its bitterly cold so make sure you layer, you have a wonderfully warm coat and gloves, don’t forget a warm beanie. The wind chill factor is crazy and you will literally feel like you have shards of glass cutting in to your bare flesh if you are not covered up well.. #justsaying


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