This tour gets its own post because I was blown away! It was so amazing walking through the suburbs of New York and seeing the beautiful artwork that these New Yorkers get to see day in and day out.

Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, and he took us around IN THE SNOW, showing us the various artworks and chatting about the artist

We even went to Andy Warhol’s studio, where hundreds of artists have left samples of their work, in remembrance of a very influential artist.

The tour was 2 hours long and we saw so many pieces – on walls, on the pavements – some commissioned, most not. It was so interesting looking at the various media used – some used paint, some used tiles, others mixed media using paper and magazine cut outs – felt so extremely in awe of the creativity around me. Every corner you turned, there was something beautiful awaiting you.

The tour did not have a set fee, you could pay what you felt it deserved. We paid 20 dollars. Check out their website, they do other cities too.

The website:
HIGHLY recommended.

Please note, it was snowing at the time so the photos all have snow flying across them!

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