Pablo Eggs Go Bar, Melville

If you follow the blog, you know that I don’t do food write ups much but Pablo Eggs Go Bar needed a mention so here it is!

A few weeks back, one of our hip and cool friends Aya, suggested we go to Pablo Eggs Go Bar for brunch. He has his finger on the pulse of where to go when, so we trusted his judgement. Living in the North, trekking all the way to Melville is like going to the other side of the country! we packed our passports, some snacks for the car and an umbrella in case the whether was different there and off we went.

We were not disappointed. The food is tasty and different to what you mind on the menu at most brekkie and brunch joints! Great flavoursome, fresh food that looks stunning! I’m no food stylist but check out this presentation:

Their truffle chips are to die for, so so yum. They have a juice bar that makes fresh and healthy fruit drinks so pop in and have a meal you will remember.

I loved the look of the restaurant – the stunning ceilings, the metal chairs and wooden tables. Just my type of place.

To check out their menu, click here.

Address: 2, 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg

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