Have you ever heard of “period panties”? I recently was educated on this very innovative product and goodness, I am pretty impressed.

In short – ditch the pads and tampons and replace with special panties that do the same thing. There are so many benefits of swapping to period panties, namely:

  1. Saving money – these panties can be used for years if cared for properly.
  2. Much better for the environment – you are not flushing 1000s of tampons down the loo or throwing away pads that are not biodegradable.

Blushproof recently reached out to me to gift me a pair of their period panties. I was skeptical to say the least. It seemed such a foreign concept. But I was impressed. No leaks, perfect fit and not what I imagined at all! It really was like wearing normal panties.  And so easy to wash and they dry so quickly too.

Would I wear them again? Yes. Would I recommend? Yes!

The lovely lady behind Blushproof is Thandi, busy mom of two who discovered the concept from overseas and thought that it was desperately needed in SA!

 “I came across period panties and just knew this was what I wanted to do. I mean, it ticks ALL the boxes – good for people, good for the planet, good for those less fortunate – what more could you want in a business?

I’m so excited to see how the South African market “coming on board” with where the rest of the world is moving in terms of menstrual products!

Can’t wait to see where this goes to from here – watch this space”

For every pair of panties sold, Blushproof donate a period pack to a girl in need. Thandi explains as follows:

“When we started Blushproof, we wanted to create a business that supports young South Africans that can’t afford period products. There are 7 million learners in South Africa between the ages of 13 and 19—4 million of whom don’t have access to the period products they need every month. Not having the right products on hand means that these teenagers are often forced to miss class, which can affect their chances of finishing school and finding jobs down the line.
Through our buy 1 give 1 programme, Blushproof donates a period pack for every 4 pairs of absorbing panties sold. The pack includes two cloth pads and a leakproof pouch. This helps to ensure that tweens and teens in disadvantaged areas are given access to safe and sustainable products that are reliable and long lasting.”
If you have any questions – check out the FAQs on their website. All your questions answered – simple and easy!
Let’s normalize talking about our bodies and periods – its totally normal after all! 

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