So I decided to sell a few items on Facebook Market place and I actually decided some of the comments and stories were too good not to share.

The bold type below is the message that I received….

I need dis. Hello? How are you? where are your manners?

I’m interested in this item but can’t open the pictures. SURELY that means you can’t see it, so from my brief description – Witchery Shoes – you know these must be for you?!

When are you having more of that bag? I’m selling a pre-loved River Island bag, I don’t have a warehouse full of these exact bags. Unfortunately.

Nice. Problem is you are in SA. If you don’t live in South Africa, why are you looking at items here, and why do you feel the need to message me and tell me? WEIRD.

Plz i like this heel nd my size. I had one pair of these high heels in a size 5. No more. As much as you may need it, I can’t help. Sorry.

I would like to buy this but it wouldn’t fit in my car. Thanks for letting me know, what should I do with this piece of information?

Best price on them. I have cash. Well I wasn’t going to take it in hugs or barter it for fruit and veg. Cash is King buddy and a given.

Hi, yes, I think I must take it will just see as I am in Heidelberg. What does this mean? Yes you are buying it? Huh? No one is forcing you buddy.

Yes, I will buy it but I’m in Boksburg. I replied, Great, I am in Fourways. No reply. To date. Three weeks later.

I want this jacket you are selling in a size 44. Sorry, this is second hand and a size small I replied. Can you not make me one she then asked. HUH? no, get yourself a seamstress.

Latest one: One antique metal iron to be used as a door stop or decorative purposes only. R50. Collection only Rondebosch, Cape Town.

Replies: How much? What area? Does it still work?


Then I put up a Trenery denim jacket, advertised for R350. I get a message: Don’t be so unfair, that is the cost of a new one.

So I sent her a screengrab of a new one off the Woolies website for 4 times the price. No reply.

I sold two pairs of shoes to someone, they were the same shoe but in different colours. She asked me if I’m a scammer because I told her to PAY ME FIRST before I would courier it to her. I said No I’m not a scammer. What difference would that make you may ask? After I said I was not a scammer she paid me. Smart move. Would a scammer say WHOOPS YOU GOT ME! I was going to scam you but won’t now?! ANYWAY, she gets her parcel, and says to me: “my friends like them, can we order 2 size 4’s in black, 1 size 6 in maroon and two 7s – one black and one maroon”.

I’m not making this up. Really.

I had a beaut who asked if they could buy my dining room table for R500. I replied, Do you mean the one I’m selling for R1500? I didn’t get a reply back. Pity.

But then, there are people who I have gotten talking to through the selling process and can now call them close friends. So you win some, you lose some.

But if you decide to sell on Facebook Market Place.. be ready for some weird messages..!



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