So as you all know I love to support local and started a segment where we could share, learn and inspire! Mantra PR contacted me to ask if I would be interested in trying out some of the SKIN functional products – according to what was upsetting me about my skin. I was over the moon as I have been dying to try out their products.

For the month of March, I undertook to use the selected SKIN functional products, focused on my  skin concerns and effectively treat them. My biggest worry is pigmentation. I suffer from terrible pigmentation on my skin – from hormones and being on the pill. Not even make-up can hide it. Plus I have very sensitive skin so I need to be very careful with what I put on my skin.

I received the most beautiful package, with two products that I have been using religiously every day, according to their recommended regime and I am totally impressed. The packaging was so lovely, a hand written notes accompanied it as well as a quote from Mother Theresa. Next level packaging!  Here is their website to see their entire range – they have products for all your areas of concerns.

Before I carry on with my experience, I just want to explain to you who SKIN functional actually is! SKIN functional is a local South African business and brand that produces a range of products that are expertly formulated using optimal concentrations of effective and trusted ingredients to restore and maintain your skin’s ideal functioning. What is important to note is that these products are Vegan, cruelty free, alcohol & fragrance free! Nothing unnecessary is added to these products.

“The brand was created to demystify skincare jargon and misinformation to deliver honorable skintelligence. Equipped with skintelligence, you can confidently adapt your skincare program to your ever-changing skin needs. Each product contains ingredients that have earned the right to be there, leaving no room for redundancy. Delivering potent treatments that bring you everything your skin needs with reproducible results.”

————-> Quote taken from the SKIN functional website.

So the two products I received were as follows:


What the website says: Use for the long-term management of dark marks. A blend of Alpha Arbutin and plant extracts work synergistically to degrade existing dark marks and inhibit further dark mark formation.

This concentrated formula has a dual brightening effect, where existing dark marks are improved while reducing the formation of new dark marks. Alpha Arbutin, is a safe yet highly effective skin lightening agent that reduces melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. Blended plant extracts work to degrade existing melanin.

My feedback: I have the MOST sensitive skin and I had not a single reaction to this . It was gentle on my skin and I used it religiously, I really am proud of myself. I used it twice a day, after washing and cleansing my face in the morning and evening.

The caution I did receive was that this is not a one day game, but rather a test series. Who am I? Using cricket references. Anyway, It will take 60 days to see results and I am going to keep going so I can see the results, and I will keep you all updated.  The reason it takes so long is that skin cell turnover takes 30 days and for pigmentation it takes 2 cycles to see results.  A point was also made to say that it will get darker before it gets lighter – and this definitely has happened. If the pigmentation does not lighten and reduce, then my pigmentation is dermal and then that means that products can not penetrate into my dermis. But I am going to give it a good go to see!


What the website says: A gentle, non-irritating exfoliator for sensitive skins. A great introduction for first time skin exfoliation. The Honey Extract is enzymatically converted to deliver Poly Hydroxy Acid, which is very well tolerated by the skin. This enzymatic modification enables skin exfoliation while retaining the soothing and healing benefits of honey. Honey Extract is a healing agent that has excellent soothing and healing properties.

My feedback:  I had not a single reaction to this smoothing gel, I absolutely loved it. It was gentle on my skin and my skin feels softer. I used it once a day, after washing and cleansing my face in the evening. Definitely keen to keep this product in my skin care regime too.

And the verdict? My first set of products were gifted, but I will be buying a second set when I run out as I believe in the products that much! SKIN functional is definitely going to be a part of my skin care regime going forward.

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