Living in Joburg means that sometimes it becomes a bit too crazy and you need to head out for a mini day trip, away from the traffic (yes – even on Saturdays) and explore.

We love going to Parys in the Free State. It just over an hour away from Joburg and its like another world! Stunning shops, places to eat, antiques, clothing – Parys has it all.

I can spend hours walking around the antique shops, there is just so much to touch and see but unfortunately only so much space left in our house for all the nick nacks I need/want..

So this last trip, we discovered a little restaurant that needs its own post because OMG. OMG. OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. These cakes are something else! It is called Bella de Jour Cafe and is on the main drag, amongst all the lovely shops. It has amazing breakfasts and cakes to die for and is worth driving through just for these! It also has its own gift shop at the back. Such lovely decor, beautiful service and food is so divine. We had brekkie and then cake for dessert and are already planning another trip to have more cake!

Address: 95 Bree Street, Parys



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