I love traveling. I love traveling more than most things in life. The excitement of booking, planning and then experiencing is all just so exciting! I work in order to be able to travel – the wanderlust within me is strong. Very, very strong and thus I am always up for that next adventure.

My family live in Cape Town as you all know and I try getting home every other month, but sometimes I pay the same price to fly from Johannesburg to Cape Town, as I would to pay to go to Dubai or the UK! Ridiculous. I know. According to my go to travel site, Travelstart, flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town are one of the busiest routes in the world.. lucky me!

And looking at this mountain and blue skies, why wouldn’t I want to keep coming home to see my family?!


Flights are an important part of your trip obviously and I find that going on to each and every airline website to look for flights is an absolute mission – so I would definitely recommend that you use Travelstart as they list and compare all the flights and then you can pick and choose. Life is too short to spend hours and hours doing your own comparison when you can do it in a few single clicks of your mouse. I always get very anxious booking my flights as I don’t want to miss any specials and am always trying to get the best price possible!

Flight prices differ according to numerous factors – the season, whether it is school holidays or there are public hols, events happening in the city you are flying to eg: Two Oceans Marathon, The Argus etc. Try to avoid flying around these busy times as the prices for flights will be sky high! If you are flexible, look at booking before or after these events as you should see a big difference in the flight costs, meaning you have more money then to spend on other things.

I always used to book my flights on a weekend when I had time to actually sit and look and compare etc. Then I got the inside scoop from the pros, who obviously have all of the data at their finger tips and decided to share with all of us! Thank you Travelstart. Their research shows that the cheapest time to book domestic flights, is typically a Tuesday! Wednesday is also a goodie, but Tuesday is better. If you book on a Friday and a Sunday – the prices are exorbitant.

Then, when booking to fly, try aim to fly on a weekday, if your schedule allows, is so much better than flying on Fridays and Sundays – the ticket prices are sky high (sometimes double or triple the price of flying off peak)  as everyone is going away for the weekend or commuting for work.

Early morning flights are usually aimed at people traveling for work, possibly just going up or down for the day but sometimes the prices are lower as its a very early start.. we all know those 5.50am flights that require you to wake up before the birds! BUT the prices are often so tempting that it makes it worth it!

January, July and December are the most expensive times to fly locally within South Africa – so try watch out for these as you will be paying a premium to travel. Cheapest months are February and August – just watch out for Valentine’s Day especially if it falls over a weekend or Woman’s Day in August.

Most expensive times to fly internationally are June, July and December.. problem is that is usually when its the best time for us to all take leave! If you are flexible, rather try travel May, October or November as analytics show these are better priced. And I trust the numbers.

Watch out for specials – and then jump on those quickly. Airlines often have specials so make sure you keep an eye out for those – sign up for the newsletters and follow them on social media so you know whats in the pipeline. Having dedicated my life to travelling as often as possible, there are numerous countries and cities on my list that I need to get to asap!


If you are looking to fly internationally, please remember to look into visas. Do research to see if you need a visa, what type of visa, what the process is to get the visa. Do you know you get different types of visas? Do some research and check – the last thing you want is to discover last minute that you need one and not have enough time to get one! Luckily some countries allow you to do them online, others at the airport like Thailand and Mauritius, others require you to go apply at the embassy like the US or China. The timelines on some of these is weeks, so also make sure you have enough time to get these sorted before your trip.

For these and more travel tips that I have put together, click here.

Travelstart have put together this nifty infographic on when best to buy your flights! They have done the research for us, and we get to save money by booking at the best time. What a win!

Infographic Final 3

Disclaimer: This article was written in collaboration with Travelstart.

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