Help! Where do I start when it comes to packing for travelling?

I love travelling more than I love lemon meringue pie. And if you know me, that’s A LOT! Planning holidays is the best but having to pack is the worst – unfortunately you need to do both. So I’m going to share my tips with you to help you along the way.

So firstly – in order to pack correctly, make sure that you check the weather – we don’t want you packing shorts and skirts and its actually jeans and jackets kind of weather. Local or international travel, both require understanding the climate you are heading to so don’t forget to do a check on your weather app. We also don’t want you having to spend all your holiday money on shopping the moment you get to a new country because you packed badly.. rather use that money for fun experiences and memory making!

Let’s start at the top and work our way down with accessories:

Hats and caps. Make sure that you pack to protect your head – sunny and hot – make sure you have a decent cap or hat to keep you covered – skin cancer is not fashionable so make sure you are en trend and cover up. If you are going to the cold, a beanie will keep you warm, and it is easy enough to whip off and put in your bag if you feel yourself overheating.

Scarves. I always pack a scarf with me as you never know if its going to get nippy, or if you are travelling overseas, they come in handy in a multitude of ways. When we were in Thailand, to go into temples, women had to cover legs and shoulders. It was piping hot so I always had two scarves in my bag, one to wrap around my shoulders and one to wrap around my waist like a sarong. If you are traveling somewhere that may be smelly, take a scarf to wrap around your nose and mouth. Tip, when I went to a fish market in Singapore, I put a scarf around my nose and mouth and sprayed perfume into the folds of material. That’s all I smelt the whole way through the market.


Sunglasses. Don’t forget your sunnies – not only to protect your eyes but if you need to cover up bags under your eyes from not sleeping on the plane or due to too much partying and not enough sleep, these are your friends.


Handbags. I always take a sling bag that goes across my body. That way my hands and arms are free to carry my camera or shopping bags! It also is great from a safety aspect as its close to your body.


Raincoat. Travelling can bring about unpredictable weather so always have a rolled up rain coat or cardigan in your bag when you travel in case you get cold. The last thing you want is to be cold. Ever. Weather can be unpredictable – if you feel more comfy, carry a tiny travel umbrella or those plastic ponchos you can get at Dischem or Cape Union Mart – not stylish but work like a dream.

Shoes. Your feet deserve the best and traveling is hard on one’s feet as it often requires lots of walking! When we travel, we often walk around 10km a day so for me, a good pair of shoes is so important. Make sure they fit well, they have good support and this does not mean ugly! There are gorgeous takkies out there for everyday use – other travellers will suggest memory foam shoes like Sketchers, or sandals like Birkenstocks. You will need to work out what provides you the comfort you need.


Travelling to new countries can be scary as sometimes they can have 4 seasons in one day. Its best to layer your clothes so you can peel off what you don’t need as the day goes by. So a vest, a tshirt, a long sleeve shirt and a jersey – all light weight – will keep you warm and as you heat up, you can take off and through into your bag. Easy.

Always choose something loose and comfy for the plane. The last thing you want is to be sitting for 12 hours on a plane and have your zip cutting into your tummy or for your feet to swell so much that you can’t put your shoes on again when you land! These things happen.. so make sure you have clothes that you can move in, sleep in and walk around the airport in.

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